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Custom Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Services

The next best thing to customizing your home from the ground up is to have it remodeled. Building a new construction home from scratch may be too costly for most, which is why kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations are a great second option. Once you have bought a new or used home, you can begin redesigning it to suit the needs and desires of you and your family. At Modern Kitchen & Home Solutions, we offer great affordable packages that you can use to redo your kitchen, basement and bathroom renovations. We even help you with choosing the new furniture, fixtures and materials that you can use for your renovation. All of our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured and ready to help remodel your Virginia home!

Modern Kitchen And Home Solutions is a Virginia-based contractor that specializes in renovating kitchens and bathrooms in residential properties. So whether you’re a homeowner, property management firm or real estate agency, we can help transform your homes into a more desirable location. Our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured and have decades of experience in the construction and remodeling industry. If you’re serious about redoing your kitchen or bathroom, consult with our experts today!


One-Stop Shop

Why do property owners in Virginia decide to work with our crew? Not only are we knowledgeable, professional and courteous, but we are also an all around firm. With us, you get an all-in-one package. No more shopping around for products to use for your kitchen and bathroom renovations. We offer packages for both rooms, which we can then install.

This sure beats browsing the net or local stores for the best appliances, fixtures and materials. Our packages include cabinetry, sinks and faucets, vanities, tile, hardwood and countertops. Your entire cooking or bathroom space can be upgraded and updated. Impress your visitors and guests with a nicely put together bathroom and kitchen. The brands we use are top-quality and come with the best deals around.

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If you have a large kitchen, there’s plenty you can do with it. It’s one of the top reasons why people decide to buy a home. If the kitchen isn’t up to par, a home will sit on the market much longer. This is also why a lot of home sellers remodel their kitchens to look great, so to drive people’s interest. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or make it better for your own enjoyment, you can use our services to make it happen. You can renovate the floors, cabinets, counter tops, backsplash and even upgrade the appliances.
Those with small kitchens may feel limited, but there’s still a lot you can do to make it feel more comfortable for you and your family and guests. By simply upgrading your appliances, cabinets and flooring can do a lot of justice. You can even have the cabinetry redone to give a more spacious appeal. Maybe even adding additional cabinets can help keep clutter at bay.

Whatever the size of your kitchen, the licensed experts at Modern Kitchen & Home Solutions can assist you with choosing cabinetry, sinks and faucets, tile, countertops and backsplashes.

Get Customized Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen should resemble your own personal style. One way to do this is to have them customized specifically for your kitchen. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the perfect prefabricated cabinetry for your home because of unique floor plans and such. The experts at Modern Kitchen & Home Solutions will evaluate your kitchen and then supply the accurate measurements required to fit your kitchen space. A lot of our customers opt for this service, so that their cabinets will look amazing. Have your pick of the different materials and colors, including white, mahogany, cinnamon and cappacino colors. Browse around to see which of them would suit your kitchen’s décor.

Window Installations and Upgrades
Are the windows in your kitchen or bathroom outdated or non-existent? Our experts can install new windows or have them replaced with newer versions. Skylights would also make for a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen. Just let us know which of them you want to have installed and we will take care of the rest!

Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Thinking about redoing one or more bathrooms in your home? Then you’ll want to hire experienced experts to help you with the planning and reconstruction. This is a sure way to get the satisfaction you’re looking for with this project. Like with kitchen remodeling, there’s a lot you can do with a large bathroom. You can focus on redoing the floors with new tile, adding backsplashes in your shower or near water fixtures and updating the sink and faucets. Your vanity can also be replaced with one that is more modern, contemporary or chic — whatever your taste is!
Smaller bathrooms can be redesigned to have more style by ripping everything out and giving it a new feel. Try a claw bathtub, standup shower stall, new tile floors and a beautiful, yet simple vanity. You’d be surprised at how much you could do with a little bathroom space! And if needed, we can build a new bathroom in your home as well. Check out our bathroom renovations packages below:

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More Than 1500+ Satisfied Customers

I bought a new home that had a rundown kitchen and I couldn’t wait to have it remodeled. So I contacted Modern Kitchen and they helped me with planning out what the renovation would consist of. We did a complete overhaul of the place and now I have a beautiful kitchen that I’m not ashamed of. I love my new counters, cabinets and floors! I have already referred them to friends who need their kitchens redone.
Stephanie BurkettKitchen RemodelingSterling, VA
We had an excellent experience with Hassan  & co.  We had our kitchen remodeled and I love it !!!  They were punctual and always kept me in the loop of what was going on. They are also very clean and made sure whatever messes made during the day during the remodel was cleaned up before they left for the day. Hassan always answered my questions and made sure we were happy with the project. I will use them again in a year or two when I redo my upstairs bathrooms.
Kristy S.Manassas, VA

Improve the Lighting in Your Home

Aside from natural lighting, you can create better ambiance by installing new light fixtures for your home. The bathroom and kitchen can both use an upgrade, especially if the current fixtures are outdated technology-wise or in style. Upgrade to recessed lights, chandeliers or pendant lights, which would look great over a kitchen island. Search for inspiration in your favorite home design magazines, then allow our professionals to bring it to life in your home.Enhance the Ventilation throughout Your Home.

Ceiling fans add allure and functionality to your home. They are a convenient way to breathe life into your home, literally. Air flow is important for proper ventilation. Ceiling fans are an inexpensive way to cool down the rooms in your home. They can also be used in conjunction with or in replacement of your heating and cooling system, which would help lower your bill. If you’re seeking a way to lessen your carbon footprint, while at the same time providing convenience for your home, this is it.

Upgrade the Plumbing in Your Home

Plumbing leaks are the worst. You don’t want to wait until a plumbing problem grows out of control to have something done about it. Our experts can inspect your plumbing to determine what issues are present. The best time to have this done is at the time of or before you do a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Water damage is an expensive problem no homeowner wants to deal with. Not only will you have to pay for proper cleanup, but you may even have to replace cherished items as well. Don’t wait until it’s too late – have your plumbing updated today!

Better Fixtures & Faucets

Style is key for a bathroom or kitchen renovation. The fixtures and faucets you install should speak of simplicity, functionality and allure. The brands we do business with offer amazing items that are aesthetically appealing and fully functional. Some of the brands we partner with include Delta, Grohe, Kohler and Moen, to name a few. There is a wide variety of faucets and fixtures to choose from – just let us know which of them you want installed and we’ll do it quickly and affordably. Make sure to consider these items when redesigning your kitchen and bathroom for a remodel.

Install Shower Stalls in Your Restrooms

Spacious bathrooms are highly desired in today’s world. This can be achieved without moving up to a larger home with bigger bathrooms. The key is to install all the right appliances and fixtures, so that they either add to or don’t take away space. Open floor showers are excellent options because they are curbless, making it perfect for accessibility and space. Install a glass door to keep the space looking plentiful. Some even ditch the doors altogether and have the shower heads installed in a way so that the water spray doesn’t splash all over the bathroom floor. Shower stalls come in a variety of styles, allowing you to be more creative about your bathroom’s floorplan.

We Do Basement Renovations Too!

The kitchen and bathroom aren’T the only areas we provide remodeling services for. We can also redo the dark and dreary room beneath your home – the basement. Transform this space into something useful, like an office, playroom, bedroom or hang out spot. Our experts can refinish the floors, lay down hardwood or carpet and implement a bar area or whatever else you desire to have done to the space. A lot of our customers choose to have their basements redone. Doing so adds square footage to your home, which can be beneficial for quality of life or for raising the property value for a potential sale.

Ready to have your kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel? Give Modern Kitchen & Home Solutions a call today!